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Jianheng has built the correction tape export services for 10 years , has exported to more than 20 countries in Europe and more than 100 enterprises, with stable customer base and credit reputation on correction tape filed.


Our factory Jianheng own advanced correction tape and glue tape liner with good equipment, and our correction tape and glue tape products have past international certification ,meanwhile our correction tape  have the best excellent quality than our peer.


JIAHENG Thanks so much for JIAHENG customer support long-term


Quality assurance, delivery on  time, is a very good partner.

---korea Plastic Co.,Ltd


Design diverse, timely delivery, good service and trustworthy,Jianheng is our best cooperation partner,hoping we can set a further realationship in the future. -----Euro S.L.


JIANHENG correction tape not only to do good, JIANHENG service is also very attentive, very good!



Delivered on time - I always worry, but JIANHENG really on time, be able to find such a partner is really happy!

-----S Concept company


JIANHENG product is really complete, services are in place, we will continue to choose the correction tape JIANHENG.

-----MGL Metro Group


Wellcome to contact us now!( SKYPE: & MSN &Tel:+86-574-65372699)
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